The Hidden Dangers of Neglecting Grease Trap Pumping

The Hidden Dangers of Neglecting Grease Trap Pumping

The Hidden Dangers of Neglecting Grease Trap Pumping

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Grease traps have been crucial in commercial kitchens for more than 100 years. They separate grease from water before it can block or damage the drains and contaminate the environment. Since they play such an important role in the cleanliness of your kitchen, neglecting grease trap pumping, cleaning, and maintenance can result in serious blockages, clogs, sulphuric acid damage, and overspills. Furthermore, if they impede water flow, these plumbing issues can halt kitchen operations completely.In this blog post, we'll explore the hidden dangers of grease trap pumping in Eugene, Salem, Florence, and surrounding areas so you can understand the importance of regular maintenance and avoid potential disasters.

Importance of Grease Traps

Leading grease trap pumping experts in Eugene reveal that the importance of fat traps includes:

Prevents Foul Smell

A grease trap accumulates FOG in its system, which, over time, begins to decompose and diffuse a strong, rotting smell. If left untreated, this smell could become bothersome, even if the interceptor is underground, affecting the number of customers visiting the restaurant and, eventually, damaging your company's reputation.

Does Awful Cleaning

When a grease trap interceptor captures the FOG, the solid waste settles at the bottom of the tank. If this solid waste isn't removed regularly, it becomes a thick, hard mass that's apparently impossible to clean.

Clears Blockage In Drainage System

A grease trap interceptor keeps functioning by continuously trapping grease on top and solid food waste below in the tank. Top grease trap pumping experts in Florence reveal that waste buildup occurs without proper cleaning and maintenance, which causes blockages. These blockages result in backups and overflow, leading to expensive damage.

Avoids Penalties

Almost every municipality in Eugene, Florence, Salem, and surrounding areas has certain penalties for improperly treating FOG waste in commercial kitchens. Some impose fines for not installing a grease trap, while others penalize for not keeping the equipment in good condition. In both cases, the municipality will spot the high concentration of FOG in the sewers, causing you to pay heavy fines, penalties, suspension of operation, or even cancellation of the operating license until you resolve the root cause of the problem.

Business Loss

From the factors discussed above, you would have understood that failing to install or maintain a grease trap in your restaurant can result in a heavy loss of your business. Naturally, it might become difficult for you to gain customer confidence and beat your rivals, especially if your restaurant is located in a competitive environment.

What happens if you don't empty a Grease Trap?

Leading grease trap pumping specialists in Florence reveal that neglecting routine cleaning and maintenance can lead to the following issues:

Foul Odors and Poor Air Quality in the Kitchen

We already know that the grease trap interceptor accumulates a lot of food scraps and cooking residues. Letting the FOGs(fats, oils, and solids) sit in the grease trap for way too long can lead to a strong, awful odor over time. The strong smell can overpower the kitchen and the whole house or building.It reduces the air quality in the surroundings and makes breathing difficult. Top grease trap experts in Salem reveal that if you put off grease trap pumping for a long time, the smell alone will drive away customers and ruin your reputation. 

 Health Hazards and Risk of Disease Transmission

Letting the grease trap clog can be a major health hazard in kitchens. The collected FOG sewage can contaminate food and cause allergic infections and digestive issues. Even the residual oil can make surfaces like countertops slippery.Clogged grease traps release harmful gasses like hydrogen sulfide, methane, and other toxic vapors, along with strange odors that affect the respiratory system and can lead to lung infections. Leading grease trap pumping technicians in Florence reveal that unhygienic conditions in the kitchen make it easy for bacteria and germs to spread, which increases the risk of diseases and infections in anyone who comes into contact with contaminated items.  

Damage to the Environment and Local Ecosystems

Not bothering with routine grease trap pumping in Salem, Florence, Eugene, and surrounding areas can also adversely affect the local ecosystem. When FOG waste goes into sewage and drains, it creates fatbergs, which are basically blockages. These fatbergs make it harder for the sewer treatment plant to break down waste, requiring more energy.Furthermore, the excess clogs and blockages also cause the drainpipes to overflow and leak, attracting pests, insects, and other pathogens and spreading infection in the neighborhood. Lastly, if the FOG leaks into the nearby soil, it affects its pH levels and quality, harming plant life. 

Consult a Professional 

Pumping, cleaning, and maintaining your grease trap is easy if you hire a credible, professional service provider like Best Septic Tank Pumping. The general guideline is to clean the grease trap when it's between 25% and 33% full. This helps avoid bad smells and prevents contamination.If the water drains too slowly or the room starts to smell odd, it's a pretty strong indication that the grease trap interceptor needs to be pumped out as soon as possible. 

What are the Problems with the Grease Trap?

Bad odors:

Strong, foul smells caused by sludge buildup or grease sitting for too long in your pipes can disrupt workers or patrons.

Clogging in the incoming or outgoing line:

Leading grease trap pumping experts in Eugene reveal that excess debris and solids can clog the incoming line and prevent the trap interceptor from working. Clogs and blockages in the outgoing line can result in overflows of both parts of a grease trap.

Clogging in the compartment crossover:

A fat trap has one compartment that separates solids from liquids and another that releases waste into the sewage system. The crossover line between these two compartments can become jammed, leading to an abnormally high liquid level in the first compartment.


Top grease trap pumping technicians in Salem reveal that when waste spills from one compartment to another, the grease trap must be pumped and cleaned out right away.

Final Takeaway 

Don't let grease trap emergencies ruin your day. Reach out to the experts at Best Septic Tank Pumping for prompt, reliable, and professional service that exceeds your expectations. With years of experience and a dedication to quality, we take great satisfaction in providing our cherished customers with excellent septic and commercial grease trap services. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to help you at every stage, whether you require routine septic tank installation, repairs, or grease trap pumping in Salem, Eugene, Florence, or the surrounding regions. We believe that high-quality service shouldn't be prohibitively expensive, so we provide affordable services priced at reasonable costs without sacrificing the caliber of our work. Trust us to handle all your grease trap needs with expertise, care, and a friendly smile. Call (541)236-5254 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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